Saturday, January 9, 2010

Homelessness in America

I am an avid reader of and So when I come across an article regarding the homeless in America I couldn't resist reading it. While it had some great information from the "professionals" that deal with the homeless on a daily basis there was so much more the article left out.

Yes, organizations DO provide a great deal of tangible support such as food, blankets, clothing, a place to sleep and sometimes a place to take a shower. When it comes to support such as mentoring, motivating or providing permanent shelter that becomes a close issue with me.

June of 2008 I was forced to move out of my apartment, put mine and my kids things in storage and move in with my mom and step-dad, on their front porch. In one sense I was glad to have a place to sleep and in another I hated it. No privacy, tension between everyone and grandma interfering with parenting caused a lot of issues. I was on a list for income based housing too. However, I was told that I may be on that list for a LONG time. Luckily though, I had just transferred colleges (YES I am also a college student) and they had housing for me and my kids.

That was almost a year after I had been placed on the list for the income assisted housing. This doesn't take away the fact that because previously I had dealt with a flawed Child Support system for 18 months which greatly contributed to the homelessness. One thing I have learned is DO NOT depend on the Child Support at all whatsoever to support you or your children, period.

Homeless people most of the time have low self esteem or possibly a mental illness. Either way they do need help, whether or not they want it. For one it takes persistence in order to build a trust with them. They have to trust you, believe you in order to get out of the major rut they are in. It is going to take a great amount of motivation for them to say I CAN do something better and I AM worthy and I AM deserving.

Most importantly, the homeless need mentoring or someone to be held accountable to. There are going to be up and down days and to have a mentor that is reachable can make the world of a difference. Motivating a person can do amazing things for both individuals. Imagine motivating a person to get off the streets, apply for housing, for a job and/or even training and say, a year later you run into that person who is smiling from ear to ear enjoying life?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Senior Culminating Project

I am Senior at Tennessee Tech University looking for people non professional and professionals to assist in a product trial based on natural and environmentally friendly products as well as parents of small children preparing or are potty training to try an e-book. This is entirely free and this project will take approximately 90-120 days (No further than May 1st, 2010).

An idea of whom I am looking for:

Stay at Home mom or dad with a baby/small child(ren)

Parents preparing to, are ready or are having difficulties potty training their child (or children) *Multiples are wanted for this project!!! Please contact Jennifer HERE

Children who are not on vitamins but the parent(s) have wanted their child to be on vitamins

Teenagers interested in cosmestics

Women with some stress

Automotive technicians

Cosmetologists (preferably those who are not working for a “chain” such as Super Cuts, Great Clips, etc)

Medical Professionals such as Nurses

College Students-preferably those who are avid coffee drinkers willing to try an alternative drink

Borderline Diabetics

People with Allergies who are willing to try a natural product with a reputation of working

Dog Owners-Preferably those with older dogs

People interested in trying Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products.

People interested in trying a hypoallergenic laundry detergent

People interested in trying Cosmetic Products

People willing to try a powder energy drink

People with joint problems who are otherwise able to try an effective supplement.

People suffering from Fatigue.

People with minor digestive issues

People wanting to lose approximately 10-15 lbs within a one month period or less.

Not sure if you qualify? Most people will qualify. I will notify most of those I have chosen to participate in this project around January 25th, 2010. A select few may be able to begin immediately. Either way, participation is greatly appreciated!

*You MUST specify if you have any underlying health problems and/or are on ANY medications. Some people may be eliminated due to health risks.

*No Purchase is required at anytime. However, I do require that all participants in the products trial (except potty training e-book participants) please sign up as a customer at It is free and there are no other requirements.

*Please visit the above link and browse through the MA product lines. When applying as part of this culminating project you will be asked to list 3 products from the line you are interested in trying.* Note: Products have to be tangible products and not services.

*Potty Training participants are recommended to sign up for the weekly potty training tips email that lasts seven weeks and can be unsubscribed to at anytime.

• This IS a culminating project for a Senior College student and each participant must be willing to keep continuous communication with the project until May 2010.
• Each participant must be willing to keep an electronic daily diary during their part of the trial that may be submitted daily or weekly.
• There will also be a questionnaire that is required to be completed and submitted on a weekly basis.
• Each participant must also be willing to submit a legible and recent photo to be included in the culminating project.

Testimonials will also be a Final part of the project

All the above must be agreed to by potential participants

Why am I do this project? I am an Interdisciplinary Studies student interested in whether people (individuals to families) whether completely healthy, somewhat healthy or those with a few minor ailments are willing to make lifestyle changes and stick with them. It is also important (at least to me) to know whether people are willing to try alternatives, be willing to listen to what others have to say and/or believe someone other than a professional. I am in search of people of ALL ages.

I just ask that anyone who has health issues to please seek the advice of their physician prior to applying.

Any Questions? Please email me HERE

Friday, July 18, 2008

Overcoming Stress

Stress Relief

Making healthy choices is easy when you are thinking clearly and are not experiencing stress. Do you know anyone who does not have stress? Since most people have stress I know that it is often difficult to think with clarity.

I am now using a program that has helped me and others to relieve our daily lives of stress. It is a program designed to help people get in touch with their emotions by teaching them how to control their breathing and thoughts.

I have found that my thoughts play a big part in how I handle issues that surface throughout the day. I have learned that when I am thinking good peaceful thoughts I have more clarity and react better in situations that can be very stressful.

As I go thoughout the day I experience many thoughts. Most of these thoughts will just be passing quickly and I will forget them. However, there are some thoughts that will occur when I see someone or hear something that will bring emotions into play.

Whenever I experience these thoughts I can have one of two reactions. I will either laugh or I will get mad. These reactions will bring about a change in my heart rate and will either increase or decrease my level of stress.

What I have found is when I experience these thoughts that bring up a reaction I need to take a breather and pay attention to them. If this thought brings up a negative reaction I need to make a shift in my mind. I am learning how to do this more easily and quickly as I go throughout the days.

With practice you can also learn to do this very quickly. To make this shift you need to refocus what you are thinking. You will need to think about something that you appreciate, even if the situation is not very pleasent.

To do this, think about a time when you were laughing and life was fun. This may be an adventure you had with someone or it could just be a place you like to visit. Once you get this thought in your mind slow your breathing and take a breath of appreciation into your mind and heart. Feel the warm feeling as you breathe and know that the stress level is coming down.

I have been introduced to a program that teaches you how to do what I have just described. It is known as HeartMath, and it is a wonderful and fun program. It is a program that is used for children, youth, and adults. Check it out; it works.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Making Healthy Choices

The choices you make and the way you think has a direct effect on your health. This blog will teach you how to make healthier choices in your life.